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ULYSSE it's a new project by Mauro spada (oslo tapes), with the assist of Raffaello zappalorto (ex santo niente), both expressing the old underground scene of Pescara.

Ulysse is also an ensamble that links to the city's legendary bands.

FABIO FLY ( drum - ex Reverse Hole e Madame Lingerie ,  currently in Luxifher )
SILVIO SPINA ( guitar - ex Zippo )
FRANCESCO POLITI ( guitar - ex buenRetiro )
GINO RUSSO ( batteria - ex Santo Niente and Jester at Work )
SERGIO POMANTE ( sound engineer, experimental saxophone player with Captain Mantell, Sudoku Killer, Bushi, Breakbeast, Strimg Theory, drummer and saxophonist on the album“ Stereolith “ degli Ulan Bator )
ANDREA DI GIAMBATTISTA ( guitar - ex Malaerba, live sound engineer of Santo Niente and of Management )

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